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The future of food (v.o.)

Posté par ... le 20/11/2006

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  1. christopher reeve A dit:

    thanks to the tremendous resistance of farmers of the confederation paysanne and numerous actions of civil disobedience by french citizens we have managed so far to stem the onslaught of GMOs in our country,. but a part of the farming population,struggling for survival,is being infiltrated by the agrochemical corporations with dishonest marketing and free GMO seed. Having been spared so far of the experience of american farmers and citizens they have difficuly in understanding the consequences that you have been subjected to in the last ten years.Your excellent and well constructed film could be used to change the outlook of those ambitious farmers who still want to believe in the multinational necrotechnologies DOES “THE FUTURE OF FOOD ” EXIST IN A FRENCH LANGUAGE VERSION ? if not is there a chance of getting it dubbed . 2007 is a crucial year in Europe and perhaps the world to turn the tide.please reply “amitiés” Christopher Reeve (local spokesman and militant Confederation Paysanne

  2. admin A dit:

    la video est dispo ici ;

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